Community Governance

  • That each community has a democratically elected and operating committee which conducts the community’s affairs in a transparent, orderly and democratic manner.

Community Security

  • That ohildren in communities must feel safe and confident to play, study and move about freely at any hour of day or night.
  • That the security of elderley and other vulnerable groups within commuities are given special consideration by community committees and by all members of the community.
  • That persons with resources from anywhere, should have the urge and confidence to invest in lower income communities, without fear of any negative impact from criminal activity.
  • That civilian community members will not feel the need to hold fire arms or any other dangerous weapons for protection of self or property, or for any other harmful purpose.
  • That community members prevent criminals from destroying the community by dominating its culture and activity.
  • That community members acting in roles of community seciurity, do so in concert with the local police.
  • That the local police and every community member sustain genuine and cordial relations, in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect  and confidence.

Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction

Protection from Chemical Waste and Hazards

  • That community members are not exposed to harm due to any form of industrial, domestic or other chemical use or waste

 Natural or Man Made Hazards

  • That community members are trained, equipped  and have adequate sustainable capacity to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all natural or man caused hazards to which they may be threatened or exposed.

Employment and Livelihoods

  • That every able bodied adult of sound mind within each community must have some form of job or sustainable livelihood, that enables them to adequately support their families.
  • That business (and tourism) activities are embraced and protected particularly by lower income communities everywhere, to provide direct and tangible benefit to all members of the community.