Abacus started as a small family-operated business in Jamaica under the name of  Abacus Computing Limited as the brainchild of (now Lt. Col. Retd.) Stacey Thompson in 1986. Initially specializing  in computer hardware, it soon made its name for all-inclusive customized business IT solution packages for government offices and private businesses, including hotels, law firms, security companies and manufacturers.Following forceful Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 that left widespread destruction in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico and remains until now the second most intense hurricane ever observed in the Atlantic, Stacey Thompson was contracted by the United Nations  to develop a database system for international relief management and pledge tracking.

 Subsequent  assignments in disaster management followed, which by 1993 included the updating of existing or drafting of  new national disaster plans for most of the English-speaking countries in the Caribbean, the design and conducting of national and regional disaster exercises – notably for emergency telecommunications such as the “Regional RAP” which is still conducted annually today – and the development of Standard Operation Procedures for Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs), the design and set-up of EOCs and testing of their functionality.

 In 1995, Abacus expanded with a daughter company (Abacus Communications), which provided services related to cable television.

 As Abacus continued to deploy full-time experts as independent consultants, it ceased to exist as a commercial company  in 2006.

 In 2010, following the devastating Haiti earthquake at the beginning of that year, Abacus was reorganized as a non-profit association of experts and renamed Abacus for Communities with a new vision of better preparing communities for environmental and other disasters – and minimizing a set-back in their development in the event of such disasters. Today, Abacus  for Communities continues to function as an association of independent experts who deploy as disaster management and community development specialists.